Monday, September 13, 2010

Space Needs Planning At Boulder Junction Public Library

Link to September 10 Lakeland Times article, "Boulder Junction Library Board considers $756k remodel/addition".

Excerpt: The larger addition has some real advantages in the long run. In addition to providing sufficient area to meet the library's space needs projected through 2030, that project would solve some of the current problems with the community building, most notably roof leaks.

With that addition the entire roof would be redone. That plan would also incorporate a drive-up book drop, particularly helpful for people with mobility issues who now find it difficult because they have to park and walk to the drop.

The $756,000 figure would add 5,145 square feet to the library while the $500,000 modified proposal would add 3,000 square feet.

In both plans the existing space would be remodeled. And in both plans a meeting room would be incorporated into the remodel of the existing space to be used as a study and office for the building inspector and judge. The larger expansion would bring the total community building square footage to 14,449 square feet.

The modified plan would expand the existing 9,314 square foot community center to 12,314 square feet.

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