Tuesday, April 30, 2019

UPDATE: An "Unplanned" big slide

Five Key Factors That Give Movies Great Box Office 'Legs'.  (Forbes, 4/7/2016)
In movie industry parlance, a film has “legs” when its box office trajectory defies normal patterns by running longer and more successfully in theaters than would typically be expected. A “leggy” film is one that has strong and profitable box-office stamina and audience drawing power far beyond the opening day or opening weekend. 
Titanic (1997) and the original My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) are examples of movies with strong legs. Both kept running in theaters for months after their debut.

Despite the addition of 457 theater screens during its second week of release,  Unplanned's weekend box office dropped by nearly 50%.

Sorting Fact From Fiction in the Story of Pro-life Celebrity Abby Johnson.  (Texas Monthly, 4/16/2019)
It’s not surprising that Johnson didn’t know how her clinic handled its reporting obligations. She now claims that filling out the Induced Abortion Reporting Form was part of her job, which is why she is so familiar with it. But when I interviewed her in 2009, she said she had never heard of the form and suggested it was someone else’s duty to compile this type of data. Here’s the audio from that interview. She says she’s never heard of the form at ~5:15:

Original 4/8/2019 post, "No follow-up tweets on "Unplanned" from Ashley Bratcher and Scott Walker", starts here.

Despite adding 457 screens -- from 1059 to 1516 -- "Unplanned" experienced the second-worst drop-off in theater average, according to Box Office Mojo's April 5-7 weekend report.  Quickly running through its audience, apparently.

"The Beach Bum" has already earned a place on the list of 2019's biggest box-office bombs.

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