Monday, April 29, 2019

Population loss in rural Iowa: Pocahontas County

Source:  Wikipedia (Pocahontas County, Pocahontas)

Pocahontas is the county seat of Pocahontas County.

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Long-term population loss affects one third of rural counties.  (Daily Yonder, 2/7/2019)
The study spanned 110 years, covering periods of major economic and social change that redefined rural America’s place in the nation’s economy, politics, and culture. Until World War I, a majority of Americans lived in rural areas. Today, about 15% of the U.S. population lives in nonmetropolitan counties (which the study defines as rural). 
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Row 1, west to east
Fremont County/Sidney.  (4/23/2019)
Page County/Clarinda.  (4/23/2019)
Taylor County/Bedford.  (4/23/2019)
Ringgold County/Mount Ayr.  (4/23/2019)
Decatur County/Leon.  (4/24/2019)
Wayne County/Corydon.  (4/24/2019)
Appanoose County/Centerville.  (4/24/2019)
Davis County/Bloomfield.  (4/24/2019)
Van Buren/Keosauqua. (4/24/2019)

Row 2, west to east
Adams County/Corning.  (4/24/2019)
Lucas County/Chariton.  (4/24/2019)
Monroe County/Albia.  (4/25/2019)

Row 3, west to east
Adair County/Greenfield.  (4/25/2019)
Keokuk County/Sigourney.  (4/25/2019)

Row 4, west to east
Audubon County/Audubon (4/26/2019)

Row 5, west to east
Monona County/Onawa.  (4/27/2019)
Greene County/Jefferson.  (4/27/2019)

Row 6, west to east
Ida County/Ida Grove.  (4/28/2019)
Sac County/Sac City.  (4/28/2019)
Calhoun County/Rockwell City.  (4/28/2019)

Row 7, west to east
Cherokee County/Cherokee.  (4/29/2019)

Greetings from Trump's America:   Pocahontas County, Iowa.  (9/6/2018)

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