Monday, April 29, 2019

Population loss in rural Nebraska: Kimball County

Source:  Wikipedia (Kimball County, Kimball)

Kimball is the county seat of Kimball County.

The last time Kimball County voted Democratic was 1936.  (Barry Goldwater won by 11.8 percentage points in 1964, and George Wallace received 11.4% of the vote in 1968.) 

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Panhandle counties face population loss.  (Scottsbluff Star Herald, 12/17/2013)
Dr. Jerry Deichert, director of the Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, said these figures can prove to be problematic for areas like the Panhandle, where several counties, such as Kimball, Banner, Sioux, Box Butte, Sheridan, Garden and Deuel, have not had an upswing in population in more than 20 years. 
“It’s hard to know all the reasons why people move, but a lot of it is usually job or education related,” he said. “The problem is when they move, they take their wealth, their skills and their families with them and many of them don’t come back.”

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