Sunday, April 28, 2019

Population loss in rural Iowa: Ida County

Source:  Wikipedia (Ida CountyIda Grove)

Ida Grove is the county seat of Ida County.

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Editorial:  Rural Angst.  (Storm Lake Times, 6/16/2017)
The highest concentration of white, non-college-educated Trump voters in Iowa reside in Cherokee, Sac, Calhoun, Ida and Pocahontas counties, according to the Democracy Fund survey. They are averse to immigrants despite watching their populations vanish. They vote for Rep. Steve King in large numbers. In Buena Vista County, at least 20% of the Obama vote from 2012 went to Trump — that would be white voters who feel disenfranchised by a lack of opportunity and perceive that someone else is moving in to take their place in a brighter destiny.

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Greetings from Trump's America:  Ida County, Iowa.  (4/28/2019)

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