Thursday, February 16, 2017

POSTSCRIPT. Dear Tim, Rather be warmer? You would have enjoyed recent visits to Oklahoma and Montana

Temperature in Oklahoma reaches 99 degrees in mid-February.   (boing boing, 2/11/2017)
Many people may welcome a temperate day in February, but warm weather in normally cold months disrupts ecosystems. Trees may bloom after an unseasonably balmy spell — and then suffer frost damage when cold weather returns. Flowers may blossom and shed their petals before bees arrive to pollinate them. These minor destabilizations have a ripple effect, impacting flora, fauna, and the industries built around them.

Also in the news:
High temperature record topples in Great Falls. (Great Falls Tribune, 2/15/2017)
High temperature records also were broken Wednesday in Choteau, Havre, Utica, Lewistown and St. Mary. It was the second consecutive day high temperatures broke records.

Original 2/14/2017 post, "Dear Tim, Maybe you need to shut down your computer and get out more".

See list of possible destinations below.

Quoted in Mish Michaels isn’t alone: Many meteorologists question climate change science ,  (Boston Globe, 2/14/2017)
A national survey last year by researchers at George Mason University in Virginia found that just 46 percent of broadcast meteorologists said they believed that climate change over the past 50 years has been “primarily or entirely” the result of human activity. By contrast, surveys of climate scientists have found that 97 percent attribute warming to human activity. 

Original 1/21/2017 post, "Climate change as a matter of fact among the moose of Maine", starts here.

A close-up view from nearly 3 years ago

Ticks, Thriving in Warm Weather, Take a Ghastly Toll on New England Moose.  (The New York Times, 1/19/2017)
“The general trend in the Northeast has been for warmer winters and less snowfall over the last 10 to 15 years,” said Eric Sinsabaugh, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s office in Gray, Me. “Of course that coincides with some of the warmest years we’ve had on record.”
Additional quote

Video report from July 2015

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