Sunday, November 1, 2015

Susan Brown Clark (1938-2015) Warren High School Class of 1956

Warren Times Observer

1956 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory (county section)
  • Clark Ralph 108 Jamestown (Sugar Grove)
  • Clark Sue 108 Jamestown
1983 Warren City Directory (county section)
  • Clark Ralph r108 Jamestown
  • Clark Sue r108 Jamestown

The popularity of Susan as a baby name is graphed here.

'Ralph' and 'Agnes' were both popular during the 1st three decades of the 20th century. 'Agnes' went into decline during the 1930s and dropped off the chart after 1972.  Ralph's decline began about 35 years later.  He lingered through 2011.

Source:  Social Security Administration Popular Baby Names

Other members of the class of '56:
John Harrington. (10/13/2015)
Carol Schwitzer.  (10/7/2015)
John Smith.  (9/12/2015)
Donald Burgeson.  (3/9/2015)
Diane McChesney Kondak.  (2/15/2015)

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