Thursday, September 15, 2016

THE FINAL SHOT. Teardown (and final upgrade) on Maywood Avenue

5/15/2016 update, "Why plant a lawn when you can create a monument to Sarah Palin?", stats here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

More than a month after Christmas and work is continuing at a much slower pace.  (Photos taken on Monday, February 1)

Two of the intruder's original Cape Cod neighbors.

Might have to revise that Christmas move-in timetable.   (Photo taken on Sunday, November 15.  During most of September and October, it seemed as though the house was being worked on 7 days a week.  Lately, though, I haven't seen much going on -- even during the week.  That goes for both the exterior and interior.)

At this rate, the owners might be moved in by Christmas.  (Early October)

Framing in progress.  (September 19, 2015)

Ain't wastin' time puttin' in a foundation. (August 27, 2015)

The Teardown

The lot pictured below is located in the 7000 block of Maywood Avenue, two doors west of the Rambler.  (Pictured at the end of this post.)

Photo by Retiring Guy

The Neighborhood

Screenshot from Access Dane

The Park Lawn neighborhood of Middleton, Wisconsin, is located north of University Avenue, west of Middleton High School, south of Parisi Park, and mostly east of Mayflower Drive.   Its development took place in the years immediately following World War II.  Most of the houses, primarily Cape Cod and ranch in style, were constructed prior to 1950.

The majority of them have since been remodeled -- and expanded, in many cases -- to one degree or another.  There remains, however, a handful that, to my eye, look pretty much the same as they did more than 65 years ago.  (If we discount the basic maintenance items of  new siding, roof, and such.)

Here are photographic samples taken during an early morning walk a few years ago.  (Which means that some of these examples are now probably out of date.)

Then there's this abomination. No basic maintenance here.  (It has since been partially 'rescued'.)

And here's a textbook example of how a series of remodeling projects have transformed your basic post-WWI Cape Cod into a Rambler.

It will be interesting to see what goes up 2 doors down from the Rambler.

Rest assured I'll keep you posted.

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