Thursday, September 15, 2016

THE FINAL SHOT: Infill, not a teardown, at 6260 Elmwood Avenue, Middleton, Wisconsin

Original 10/14/2015 post, "Infill, not a teardown, at 6260 Elmwood Avenue", starts here.

When I first noticed the 'disruption' taking place on this lot, I had to ask myself, Was there a house here?  Is this another teardown?

I made a mental note to check Google StreetView.

Not necessary, as it turned out.

As the woman who lives in the house at left explained to me (after she had backed her car out of the driveway and pulled up along side my car before running an errand), she and her husband are building a Craftsman-style dwelling.

"Similar to the houses in Middleton Hills," she explained.

The narrow lot size required a very rectangular design.

In the meantime, a very attractive, custom-designed Cape Cod will soon be on the market.

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