Friday, September 16, 2016

Once-upon-a-time convicted felon Scott Jensen grouses about illegally obtained information

Little Scotty gets caught with his knickers down.

*That's the title he bestows upon himself at LinkedIn.

Quoted at GOP operatives discussed ginning up 'voter fraud' reports.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/15/2016)

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Influence Peddler of the Month. (Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, 4/30/2015; updated 6/22/2015)
In other words, business as usual for the former Assembly Speaker.  Jensen, age 54, is currently a lobbyist and senior adviser for the Washington, D.C.-based American Federation for Children, a pro-school voucher group that has spent an estimated $5.4 million since the beginning of 2010 on outside electioneering activities to support mostly Republican legislative candidates. Ironically, the message in most of the group’s electioneering activities rarely mentions school vouchers or education. For the most part, it smears Democratic candidates on tax, government spending, job creation, and economic development issues.
The long arms of Scott Jensen.  (Urban Milwaukee, 12/3/2014)
At a recent board meeting of the nonpartisan watchdog group Common Cause in Wisconsin, executive director Jay Heck mused, “I get the feeling that nobody remembers Scott Jensen anymore, even though he probably plays a greater role now than he did then.”
Jensen settles misconduct case; felonies dropped.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/20/2010)
In 2006, a Dane County jury convicted Jensen of three felonies and a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison but was allowed to remain free while appealing the case.

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