Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Look at the Bloomberg Politics/Saint Anselm College Poll (2016 New Hampshire Presidential General & Primary Election)

Poll details:  Methodology, favorability, primary election, candidate questions.  (January 31 to February 5, 2015.)

Still a lot of New Hampshire Republican voters unsure, etc.

When it comes to favorability ratings among Republican "Live Free or Die" voters, Rand Paul edges out Jeb Bush for 1st place.

As for unavailability, nobody will be surprised to see Donald Trump leading the pack at 53%

A steadily growing list of 2016 Republican polling posts:
How's Scott Walker doin' in New Hampshire? It depends upon what poll you read.  (2/8/2015)
One year before primary, New Hampshire, one of our whitest states, shows a preference for Scott Walker.  (2/5/2015)
Adding up 1st and 2nd choices, we find that Scott Walker is tied with "Don't Know" in latest Fox News poll.  (1/30/2015)
Jeb Bush starts to break away from the pack in latest CNN/ORC poll.  (12/30/2014)
Jeb Bush on top with 14% in latest ABC News/Washington Post poll.  (12/19/2014) 
McClatchy-Marist poll of 1,140 national adults (December 3-9, 2014).  (12/16/2014)


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