Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Troy Michigan (Population: 80,000) Still on Track to Close Its Library

Petitions can't force Troy to keep library, judge rules. (Detroit Free Press, 2/7/2011)

Excerpt:    Petitions signed by citizens cannot be used to force Troy officials to reconsider their decision to close the city's library in June, an Oakland County judge ruled Monday.

The decision came hours before a City Council meeting where more than 100 people came to discuss the library's future.

Edward Kempen, a father of four who has lived in Troy for 19 years, filed petitions with 2,500 signatures in November with the help of the local group Friends of the Library with No New Taxes.

"Just very disappointed," Kempen said Monday after the decision by Circuit Judge Denise Langford Morris. "We are identifying a lot of cost savings and (the library) really should be maintained in the current budget."

After residents defeated four ballot measures to create and pay for an independent board to run the library, the petitions asked the City Council to reconsider library funding in the 2011-12 budget

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