Saturday, February 12, 2011

State Senator Fred Risser on Governor Walker's Budget Adjustment Bill

Walker is acting not as governor, but as dictator. (Capital Times editorial. 2/12/2011)

Excerpt:      But Risser [contact information*] did not mince words with regard to Walker’s assault on state employees.

“State employees have the right to negotiate in good faith with the state. Without a willingness to even discuss what concessions need to be made with state employees, the governor comes across more like a dictator and less like a leader,” Risser said. “The governor’s budget adjustment bill attempts to wipe away over 50 years of collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin. This decree will affect every hard-working public employee in the state -- every librarian, teacher, street department worker and public safety worker. These are our friends and neighbors; they are the people who make our communities function.”

I just called Senator Risser's office to leave a voice-mail message thanking him for his strong statement of support for Wisconsin's public employees.  Ended up listening to the following recording:  "Mailbox for Fred Risser's office is full."

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