Saturday, October 30, 2010

Des Plaines Public Library to Remain Open with Limited Hours, Minimum Staffing

To get through the year without Cook County funding payment.

Link to October 28 Daily Herald article, "Des Plaines Public Library won't go dark in December after all".

Excerpt: However, the library board this week approved an alternate plan to keep the library open with minimum staffing and limited hours.

Under the proposal, library hours will be reduced from 72 hours to 52 hours a week, and staffing would be cut from the current 100 employees to 32 employees for the month.

Patrons will continue to have access to basic library services during those hours, Director Holly Sorensen said.

“So that would allow us to stay open with essential services and we would be able to pay everybody,” Sorensen said. “We hope it doesn’t come to that though. It’s still a better option (than closing)

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