Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Des Plaines Mayor Offers Veiled Threat to Library Board

Des Plaines Public Library

Link to October 27 Daily Herald article, "Des Plaines to library board: cut deeper".

Excerpt: Des Plaines Mayor Marty Moylan said the library board needs to follow the city's lead and cut more staff.

Library Board President Noreen Lake said laying off employees is not an option.

"Because of the economy we are trying to be sympathetic, and yet, we still want to provide the best service to our residents," Lake said. "It's unfortunate that the city has to do what it has to do. We only have 45 full-time employees. Right now, the library board doesn't see the need to fire somebody. It's not like we are asking for an increase in the budget for next year."

Moylan said while the city has no power over the library's budget, the appointed board members can be replaced if they don't do their job right. (RG's emphasis)

"We'll keep all options open," he said.

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BW said...

Incidentally, Moylan appointed his ex-wife and the daughter of an alderman who just lost a bid for City Clerk to the Library Board last month.