Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Options for Parental Supervision of Reading at Fond du Lac School District

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Link to August 11 Fond du Lac Reporter article, "FdL school libraries implement monitoring system".

Excerpt: Parents of students in Fond du Lac Schools will be notified during the first week of school that they can monitor what their child is reading.

Although means to block library reading materials has been in place since the days of card catalogs, a new state-of-the art software program makes it that much easier, said Fond du Lac School District Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator John Whitsett.

During a work session held Monday, the Fond du Lac Board of Education got an overview of the new Alexandria Library Automation software program. Blocks can be put on authors, book titles and certain subjects, to an extent.

"It can be used as an alert system if parents want to tag authors and book titles they do not want their children to read, but it will not be a content filter," said School Board President Eric Everson.

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