Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kathleen Imhoff Fired as Lexington Public Library CEO

Lexington's Central Library

This excerpt from the Lexington Herald-Leader doesn't tell the whole story, but it does seem to indicate a lack of good judgment on Imhoff's part. (Be sure to take a look at the graphic.)

Kathleen Imhoff, the Lexington Public Library's chief executive officer, had $134,158 in cash and credit-card expenses in five years. The library, funded by taxpayer dollars, paid more than $81,000 for travel, more than $15,000 for gifts and special events and nearly $11,000 for meals. Of those amounts, Imhoff or others have reimbursed the library for $6,568.

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Brinkwater said...

On her blog, Kathleen Imhoff states that the former Chief Financial Officer "left in April 2008 giving no notice." He left without giving notice because Kathleen Imhoff fired him.

She lies like a dog.