Friday, July 24, 2009

Singer/Songwriter Randy Peterson Promotes Books & Reading

Peterson recently appeared at the Spencer Branch of the Marathon County Public Library.

Link to July 24 Marshfield News Herald, "Books big part of singer's message".

Excerpt: Peterson shared with the kids his favorite book he had as a kid. From the Scholastic Book program, he bought "The Run-a-Way Robot." This book was the stepping stone to his love for space. He shared how he used his imagination to build a space ship out of a cardboard box.

He told the kids, "There is a book like this for you over in the library." Any book might be the one that piques a kid's interest.

Peterson added, "I hope you go home with a book today."

The final song of the program was one performed by the singer and his audience. Peterson's line was, "What are you going to do today?" and the kids replied, "I'm going to read a book today."

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