Monday, May 14, 2018

UPDATE. Mautz Paint building soon to be a boutique hotel

Photo and video by Retiring Guy

4/10/2018 update, "Views from 3 sides of Mautz Paint building now being transformed into boutique hotel", starts here.

View from East Main between South Paterson and South Brearly.

View from South Paterson between East Washington and East Main.

View from 900 block of East Washington

3/9/2018 update, "Renovation and excavation work begins at site of new hotel at 901 East Washington", starts here.

East Washington and South Peterson
Photos by Retiring Guy

South Peterson near East Main

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Madison Plan Commission approves hotel project for former Mautz Paint building.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/19/2017)

Original 5/13/2017 post, "Expensive lodgings planned for old brick building on East Washington in Madison", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Boutique hotel proposed for long-vacant Mautz Paint building on East Washington.  (, 5/4/20017)

Building/site timeline.
  • 1928.  Mautz Paints moves factory operations into building, located at 901 East Washington.
  • 2001.  Mautz bought by Sherman-Williams.
  • 2002.  Factory closes.
  • 2005.  Proposed Brink development, Archipelago Village, goes nowhere.  Included 27-story building with retail, office space, condominiums, a grocery store and parking.
  • 2011.  Hovde proposal for 200,000 square feet of commercial space and parking also goes nowhere.
  • 2011.  Ale Asylum decides not to locate is operations here.
  • 2014.  Scaled-down Brink proposal includes space for StartingBlock, an entrepreneurial start-up center, which is now under construction in the 800 block of East Washington.
  • 2014.  Brink takes another stab at it. 

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