Saturday, May 13, 2017

Expensive lodgings planned for old brick building on East Washington in Madison

Photos by Retiring Guy

Boutique hotel proposed for long-vacant Mautz Paint building on East Washington.  (, 5/4/20017)

Building/site timeline.
  • 1928.  Mautz Paints moves factory operations into building, located at 901 East Washington.
  • 2001.  Mautz bought by Sherman-Williams.
  • 2002.  Factory closes.
  • 2005.  Proposed Brink development, Archipelago Village, goes nowhere.  Included 27-story building with retail, office space, condominiums, a grocery store and parking.
  • 2011.  Hovde proposal for 200,000 square feet of commercial space and parking also goes nowhere.
  • 2011.  Ale Asylum decides not to locate is operations here.
  • 2014.  Scaled-down Brink proposal includes space for StartingBlock, an entrepreneurial start-up center, which is now under construction in the 800 block of East Washington.
  • 2014.  Brink takes another stab at it. 

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