Tuesday, March 28, 2017

HotelRED Update: It's a gray day for developer after Madison Plan Commission sez no more tiers

HotelRED shares the odd-numbered side of the 1500 block of Monroe Street with Mickie's Dariy Bar, Stadium Barbers, and New Orleans Take-out


The building's Brutalist backside.

HotelRED's 4-story expansion proposal rejected by Madison Plan Commission.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/21/2017)
Members unanimously voted to reject a conditional use permit on the plan that would double the floor count and height of the boutique hotel at 1501 Monroe St. The commission cited concerns that the height of the proposed eight-story structure, about 100 feet, conflicts with neighborhood and city plans on how the area should be developed.

Original 11/4/2016 post, "4 more tiers?", starts here.

All photos by Retiring Guy

HotelRED proposes adding 4 floors to its Monroe Street property.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/2/2016)

The 48-room boutique hotel opened in 2011.

According to Amber Arnold's reporting, Craig Stanley, president of the Vilas Neighborhood Association, sez the project will cause some heartburn in the neighborhood.

Excellent breakfast option located right next door!

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