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UPDATE. New Meriter Clinic in Middleton? Not likely this year.

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7/11/2019 update, "New Meriter Clinic in Middleton?  Maybe next year", starts here.

Still a site for a Meriter Clinic?   At least one City of Middleton official thinks there might be a next year.

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1/30/2018 update, "Looks like there might not be a Meriter Outpatient Clinic constructed at this Middleton location after all", starts here.

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Related news: 
UW, Meriter pursue joint operating agreement, health plan merger.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/1/2016)
UW Health and UnityPoint Health-Meriter are pursuing a joint operating agreement and a merger of their health insurance plans, which could shift some patients from UW Hospital to Meriter, alleviate the need for new construction and help the longtime rivals adapt to payment changes in health care, officials said Thursday.  [emphasis added]

UW Health, UnityPoint Health-Meriter move toward operating agreement, health plan merger.  (Wisconsin State Journal, /4/11/2017)
The new agreement will expand the collaboration to all clinical care. It will alleviate the need for new construction and shift some patients from UW Hospital, which is often full, to Meriter, which has extra capacity, leaders of the organizations said last year.  [emphasis added]

11/10/2016 update, "Meriter outpatient clinic site on a November late afternoon", starts here.

That's the Spectrum Brands building in Middleton in the center-right distance.

5/6/2016.  Work on a 60,000-80,000-square-foot outpatient facility is still a year away.

(UPDATE) August 21.  The demolition work is done.
The foreground of the photo is where Bogey's Family Fun Park was located.

May 13.  The demolition continues.
The current City of Middleton public works garage is in the right-center distance.

Original post begins here.

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Focus on Dane County: Meriter prepares for its largest clinic in Middleton.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/27/2015)

The reason why Middleton built a new public works operations center.
Meriter plans to build its latest clinic on 13 acres, west of Laura Lane, just off the rapidly redeveloping Parmenter Street corridor. The health care provider has a 20-year plan for the site that could eventually deliver as much as 250,000 square feet of outpatient health care facilities, said Kevin Snitchler, assistant vice president of facilities development for Meriter-UnityPoint Health.
This summer, Meriter plans to remove or demolish five buildings, tear up the asphalt and concrete, and replace it with new topsoil and grass to improve the aesthetics of the site until work on the clinic is expected to begin sometime in 2017.

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