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Miramont Behavorial Health facility UPDATE. February construction site visit

Photo by Retiring Guy

12/10/2019 update starts here

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11/6/2019 update starts here

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9/21/2019 update starts here.

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8/26/2019 update starts here.

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Construction is surprisingly close to the UW Health Pharmacy Services property line.

With each successive visit, the construction site looks messier and more chaotic.

Company behind psychiatric hospital in Middleton has more problems in other states.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/19/2019)
State and federal officials have cut off payments and admissions at the company’s psychiatric hospital in Las Vegas, and have moved to stop payments and revoke the license of a facility near Fort Collins, Colorado, according to documents obtained by the State Journal and media reports.
The moves follow “immediate jeopardy” violations — the most serious kind given — at 202-bed Montevista Hospital in Las Vegas and 92-bed Clear View Behavioral Health in Johnstown, Colorado. 
At Montevista, patients hid medications and gave them to other patients, according to a federal inspection report in June. Patients also set off sprinklers, resulting in patients escaping from the facility, including one who didn’t return.

7/7/2019 update starts here.

6/10/2019 update starts here.

3 photos taken as western edge of site.

Photos by Retiring Guy

4/15/2019 update starts here.

3/19/2019 update, "Work delayed due to weather", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Psychiatric hospital construction continues, county mental health services study begins.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/25/2019)
Work on the 72-bed Miramont Behavioral Health hospital, in Middleton’s Airport Road Business Park, was initially expected to be complete by the end of this year. But weather delays have pushed the timeline back, said Mike Garone, vice president of development for owner Strategic Behavioral Health.

Standard view

Panoramic view

1/8/2019 update starts here.

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12/6/2018 update starts here.

Photo and video by Retiring Guy

11/4/2018 update, "Construction trailer in place", starts here.

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

10/17/2018 update, "More than 2 months after groundbreaking, very little progress has been made", starts here.

7/25/2018 update, "Middleton news:  Groundbreaking ceremony for Miramont Behavorial Health facility set for August 9",. starts here.

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Original 3/30/2018 post, "72-bed psychiatric hospital proposed for Middleton site", starts here.

A view of the site at 3169 Deming Way in Middleton
Photo by Retiring Guy

Strategic Behavioral Health plans psychiatric hospital in Middleton. (, 3/23/2018)
Strategic Behavioral Health, a for-profit company based in Memphis, Tennessee, plans to spend $17 million to $20 million on the seven-acre site and construction of a one-story hospital with about 55,000 square feet of space, according to documents filed with the city of Middleton. 
The company has 10 psychiatric hospitals in six states, including Willow Creek Behavioral Health, which opened last year in Green Bay.

Renderings of Willow Creek

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