Tuesday, November 28, 2023

GET ME REWRITE: "Tiny town" of Bemidji Minnesota (population 14,574) featured in Washington Post article

Retiring Guy with his dad and brother posing next to Babe in July 1953.

Photo by Retiring Guy's Mom

Retiring Guy grew up in a community of just under 15,000 residents in the 1960s.  We considered Tidioute, with a population of about 900, a 'tiny town'. 

The U.S. Census Bureau does not define 'tiny town' but described a 'city' as follows:
Minimum population requirement of 25,000 for new cities; existing cities have a minimum population requirement of 5,000. [emphasis added]

Washington Post, 11/28/2023
But it wasn’t the buck hunt delaying the mail in Bemidji, a tiny town 100 miles south of the Canadian border where welcome signs are written in both English and Ojibwe and statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox tower in downtown. Since early November, Bemidji has been bombarded by a sudden onslaught of Amazon packages — and local postal workers say they have been ordered to deliver those packages first.

An aerial view of all 22.34 square miles of Bemidji.

Google Maps

Tiny Town's post office

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