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Covid Chronicles. Chapter 89: Just the 3 of us on Thanksgiving

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Photo by Retiring Guy

Friday, November 26, 2020 

Thanksgiving 2020 was certainly a different kind of celebration for us. Housebound, just the 3 of us, for the most part, except for a half-hour walk around Pond, where we saw the family of four sandhill cranes you see pictured here. Not to mention a large flock of geese coming in for a landing. 

Photo by Retiring Guy

Four of our last five Thanksgivings have been spent in Wheaton with Paula and her family, a large group crowding around her dining room table. Even without Covid, this year’s edition would have been different. Allen, Paula’s son-in-law (Colleen’s husband) entered a rehab program in Chicago earlier this week. He had become suicidal, partly related to family issue when he was growing up in what was an extremely dysfunctional family. Paula ended up having their Thanksgiving meal catered, the first delivery containing just half of what they ordered. Just when we thought that 2020 couldn’t get any worse. 

Group selfie by Allan Mroz

The highlight of the day was a Zoom call with all the Richard/ Andrews siblings, coordinated by JoAnna. Even Larry participated, who spent much of the time holding his month-old granddaughter. Apparently, he’s back together with his wife, as Sherry made a few appearance with the frame, as did their adult children Kristie and Larry Jr. We avoided the topic of politics, for which we were all thankful, I’m sure. 

Photo by Retiring Guy

Even though it was just the three of us for Thanksgiving dinner, JoAnna prepared a table that made it look as though company was coming. With Cindy and Jen unable to join us, our 15-pound bird will supply us with plenty of leftovers! Pot pie today, turkey noodle soup tomorrow, and perhaps a turkey and stuffing frittata on Sunday.

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