Sunday, September 24, 2023

Welcome to Day 271 of the Kevin McCarthy House Speaker Clown Show

Day after day, the Freedom Caucus Crazies work to upend American democracy.

Headline:  The Hill, 9/23/2023
Leadership does not have the votes to advance a short-term funding bill to keep the lights on past Sept. 30, with a handful of hard-line Republicans handing Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) setback after setback. They are also not yet taking the step of working with Democrats on a compromise, a move that would further inflame the rebels and potentially threaten McCarthy’s Speakership.

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Why? McCarthy is a weak leader, especially compared with Nancy Pelosi, his formidable predecessor. But even a superb leader would probably be unable to transcend the dynamics of a party that has been extremist for a generation but has now gone beyond extremism to nihilism. 
And yes, this is a Republican problem. Any talk about dysfunction in “Congress,” or “partisanship,” simply misinforms the public[emphasis added]

Here's the GOP Looney Tunes lineup, otherwise known as the Freedom Caucus Crazies.

How looney is the Freedom Caucus?  They kicked Marjorie Taylor Greene off the membership roll this summer.

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