Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Middleton Wisconsin real estate: What are the prospects for 3012 Parmenter Street?

The former U.S. highway 12 section of Parmenter Street continues to undergo a transformation, as shown herehereherehereherehereherehere. and possibly here.

The rambling building pictured below houses an independent car dealership and repair shop, although it hasn't shown many signs for life during the past few years.  The most recent post on its Facebook page (MSI Auto Sales) is from 2017.
Photos by Retiring Guy

I called the listed phone number and received a recording: "Your call cannot be completed at this time.  Please try again later."

From a 2008 Parmenter Neighborhood Plan created by the City of Middleton with the assistance of MSA Professional Services, Inc.
The former Highway 12, renamed Parmenter Street, is a “product of the early automobile age” (Highway 12 Corridor Redevelopment Plan). Many of the existing buildings are in need of a face-lift and some properties are currently vacant or underutilized. There are two vacant buildings within this area (3012-3100 Parmenter and 3202 Parmenter Street) and three singlefamily residential homes (2705, 3019, 3101 Parmenter). These sites provide good opportunities for redevelopment, especially for retail and commercial uses. Properties in this area with improvements assessed at substantially less than the value of the parcel include: 2616-2624 Parmenter, 2705 Parmenter, 3001-3003 Parmenter, 3012 Parmenter, 3019 Parmenter, 3101 Parmenter, 3202 Parmenter, 3206 Parmenter, and 3230 Parmenter.  [emphasis added]

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