Thursday, September 28, 2023

In truth, there's no end to the ways Wisconsin embarrassment Tom Tiffany can be mocked

Headline:  Newsweek, 9/27/2023
Regardless of the pertinent health questions surrounding the issue, social media users have been quick to mock Tiffany for his words in the House. Posting a clip of his speech on X, formerly Twitter, user Acyn, senior digital editor for liberal outlet Meidas Touch, wrote alongside the video: "It's late and Rep. Tiffany is proposing an amendment to protect chocolate milk with a come and take it sign." 
User Lawrence wrote: "He sounds like Senator Geary in The Godfather praising Italian-Americans." 
Another, using the username IntentionalTruth, chimed in with "Congress: Everything goes in one ear and out the udder."

Tom Tiffany:  Shaming Wisconsin on a regular basis
September 2023
How looney is Wisconsin embarrassment and gymnophobe Tom Tiffany?  He wants to waste U.S. Department of Justice resources on an investigation of Madison's Naked Bike Ride! (9/22)

August 2023

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