Friday, September 29, 2023

Former Middleton Cleaners location in Middleton WI still looking for a tenant

Weeds sprout in the cracks

Photos by Retiring Guy

Some interior demolition taking place, but no building permit tapes to a window.

At Middleton Cleaners, 6617 University Ave., Craig Daubenspeck has owned the business for 26 years and is overwhelmed with work. He has just two other employees, one of whom is his 82-year-old mother, but could use two more workers.
He’s working 12- to 14-hour days and is working after hours and on Sundays when the business is closed to catch up on orders. The staffing issue at one point this month forced Daubenspeck to post signs for more than five days in his shop saying he was no longer accepting any cleaning. 
“It’s not tenable for the long term,” said Daubenspeck, 58. “It’s more like how long can I put up with it. It doesn’t make for a great home life.”

And, in fact, the business closed a few months later.

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