Thursday, January 12, 2017

CES 2017: Sony HT-ST65000 sound bar

Among the computer-generated narration earbenders:
  • 'respectively' as a 5-syllable word
  • 'Spotify' pronounced with a long 'o'

For those who prefer a spartan approach to home decorating.

Best home audio products from CES 2017.  (c|net, 1/8/2017)
We heard Sony's Atmos sound bar at its booth in the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The demo was in a small room at the end of the expansive booth and it was running loops of a Dolby Atmos test disc. Though it was a canned demo, it was nonetheless impressive: It was the first time we've heard surround effects from a soundbar which actually lacked surrounds. We even turned around to check there wasn't a pair in the room, but there wasn't.

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