Tuesday, December 20, 2016

CES 2017 preview: Fireside Audiobox

Fireside Audio Box To Debut At CES 2017.  (Nibletz, 12/18/2016)
Drew likes it.  Hazen, who was a physics major in college, created something scientifically referred to as a Ruben’s Tube. It’s a perforated metal pipe filled with fuel gas. When the fuel source is lit above the Ruben’s Tube and sound enters one end , the sound waves can be seen in the movement of the flames. Hazen has hidden the scientific parts which include a camp sized propane tank and battery power, in a beautifully crafted bamboo box. The Fireside Audio Box would look great in the living room.

Fireside Audiobox on Kickstarter.

Ya know, call me old-fashioned, but I'd be just fine with this, accompanied by the Chill channel on XM/Sirius.

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