Friday, January 27, 2017

Barbara Chester (1926-2017) Warren High School class of 1944

1944 Dragon yearbook

Barbara's high-school activities:
Bookkeeping Club (2); Junior Shorthand Cluib (3).

1967 Warren City Directory

1983 Warren City Directory
  • Chester B J emp G T E Sylvania Products r602 Quaker Hill Rd
  • Chester Ralph M and (Margt W) rtd 107 Pioneer

The popularity of 'Barbara' as a baby name is graphed here.  Say hello to 'Joanne'.  

'Joanne' enjoyed a period of popularity during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, peaking at #45 in 1936 and 1937.  Starting in the 70s, however, she took a tumble from which she never recovered.

Other members of the class of '44:
Raymond Elsholz.  (7/26/2016)
Barbara Berdine Graham.  (6/16/2016)
Grace Youug Strand.  (2/13/2016)
Mary Davis Christensen Spencer.  (9/27/2015)
Leonard Lucia.  (7/4/2015)
Mary Blackwell Bancroft.   (6/22/2015)
Kenneth Klenck.  (1/31/2015)
Dolores Nuhfer Anthony.  (9/21/2014)
Marjorie Christensen Anderson.  (10/6/2013)

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