Thursday, January 12, 2017

CES 2017: LIVS (Life-enhancing intelligent vehicle solution)

From CES 2016

Augmented reality in the car steps toward production at CES 2017.  (c|net, 1/8/2017)
Harman showed off its LIVS concept in a modified Chrysler Pacifica, using a large dashboard-mounted LCD to show how AR would work, among other features of the system. Running a simulated video on the screen, the system added markers for other cars detected by sensors, letting the driver know if they were going faster or braking, and painted street signs over the video at intersections. This latter feature seemed very useful as it is not always easy to find street signs in the real world, causing distraction for drivers.

In my book, 'augmented reality' is synonymous with 'assorted distractions'. 

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