Saturday, January 28, 2017

Wisconsin redistricting: Judges saw evidence, reached obvious conclusion

The old 37th Assembly District. Mostly Jefferson County. 3 towns along eastern border of Dane county. Logical ‘cutouts’: Watertown, Johnson Creek.  Mostly straight-line borders.

The new 37th.  Pokes unto northeast Dane County.  Grabs Columbus from Columbia County, runs along the southwestern edge of Dodge County, drops into a single township of Jefferson County, faucet-style.  57 stretchy miles from east to west.   Forced Democrat Andy Jorgenson to find another district in which to run.

Judges to state: Redraw legislative districts before 2018 election.  (, 1/28/2017)
Unfortunately, it's a 'half-assed' ruling, so don't expect much good to come out of it. But Friday’s order also rejected a key request from plaintiffs: that judges, rather than lawmakers and the governor, take charge of creating new district boundaries. “It is the prerogative of the state to determine the contours of a new map,” the three-judge panel ruled.

Unfortunately, the GOP majority in the Wisconsin state legislature can do pretty much what they want -- if we let them.  And any outcry just can't come from the shrinking blue areas of the state.

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