Sunday, January 17, 2016

UPDATE. CES 2015: Your Belt Needs to Wise Up

This item is described as one of "the worst wearables ever" in an  11/10/2015 Gadget Website blogpost.
The idea of sitting down at Fatty Arbuckle’s American Diner and ordering half a cow without worrying about your belt digging in to your expanding midriff is appealing, however, we think that merely putting the belt onto the next notch up is preferable to spending a yet to be disclosed chunk of change on the Belty. 

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The Emiota automatically adjusts when you eat a big meal!!

The Internet of Things and Its Impact on Tradeshows and Events.  (Corbin Ball Associates, 1/7/2015)
Our Bodies.   Most of us are already carrying a very sophisticated set of sensors and a sensor control panel in our pockets – our smart phones. They can track our every movement and can interact with a greatly increasing assortment of things. Other wearable devices (smart watches, NFC rings (requiring no batteries), smart belts, activity monitors, health monitors (via bracelets/phones/watches), smart clothing, and much more will monitor our location, activity, health and interact automatically with other devices.

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