Monday, January 18, 2016

Wisconsin library history link of the day: Vaughn Public Library, Ashland

History of the Vaughn Library  (3/23/2000)
Key dates
  • 1872.  Formation of Ashland Library Association. (private)
  • 1876.  Town of Ashland opens library in clerk's office.  
  • 1888.  Vaughn Public Library opens.  
  • 1937.  Library moves to 1st floor after closing of Pool's.
  • 1982.  City council approves renovation of 1st and 2nd floor of Pool building.
  • 1991.  Completion of 1st long-range plan.

Photo credit:  City of Ashland

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Listed by year of legal establishment:
1888.  Vaughn Public Library, Ashland
1891.  Wisconsin Library Association established.
1897.  Appleton Public Library
1960.  Altoona Public Library
1985.  Alma Public Library

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