Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wisconsin library history link of the day: Boulder Junction Public Library

Library History | Boulder Junction Public Library  
Key dates
  • "Pre-history" (undated)
    • Several shelves of books in the basement of city hall
      • Started by Ada Williams
      • Theda Foster, librarian
      • Open 2 or 3 afternoons per week
      • Books checked out on honor system
    • Klasen's Grocery provided space after city library closed; collection included:
      • Zane Grey
      • National Geographic
      • Donations from residents and summer visitors
  • 1963.  Northwest Wisconsin Library System bookmobile service begins
  • 1977.  Boulder Junction library committee formed;  Boulder Junction town board votes to establish a library
  • 2014.  New community center and library opens

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Listed by year of legal establishment:
1888.  Vaughn Public Library, Ashland
1891.  Wisconsin Library Association established.
1895.  Baraboo Public Library
1897.  Appleton Public Library
1960.  Altoona Public Library
1977.  Boulder Junction Community Library
1985.  Alma Public Library

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