Saturday, November 5, 2016

At this price, it's look but do not touch

Photo by Retiring Guy

And there's some disagreement as to what will happen next.
Everyone Relax: Avocado Prices Are Expected To Drop Soon.  (Consumerist, 11/4/2016)
The New York Post notes that one reason for the shortage has now been resolved — a growers’ strike in Mexico — which means people should start seeing lower prices soon.

Avocado prices just hit a record high, and show no signs of coming down. Here's why.  (Business Insider, 11/3/2016)
Most avocados grown in the US come from California. The state had a miserably hot, dry summer in 2016. Highs in avocado-growing regions reaching 117 degrees, and the Los Angeles Times reports that left avocado trees wilted and battered. 
On top of that, growers in the state have been battling an invasive species since 2012 that attacks avocado trees. The polyphagous shot hole borer, a tiny beetle, drills holes in the trees and leaves behind a deadly fungus.
Bottom line.  Citing the New York Post as a reliable news source is not a confidence builder.

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