Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ruth Figliuzzi (1930-2016) Warren High School Class of 1948

1948 Dragon yearbook

Ruth's high-school activities:
Stenographer's Club, 4.

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Figliuzzi Alfonso (Lena M) asmblr Phenix Furn h425 Hickory
  • Figliuzzi Ruth  r425 Hickory
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Figliuzzi Alfonso & Lena M retd h425 Hickory
  • Figliuzzi Ruth clk US Forest Service r425 Hickory

One of the most popular names during the 1st 3 decades of the 20th century, 'Ruth' has never seriously fallen out of favor.

Other class of '48 graduates:
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Carol Jean Niver Hampson.  (10/22/2015)
Frank Marlett.  (9/13/2015)
John Giltinan.  (7/76/2015)
Lela Nichols Akeley.  (6/24/2015)
Ella Atwell Blum.  (12/24/2014)
Betty Carlson Johnson.  (10/26/2014)
H. Kent Peterson.  (10/1/2014)
Kenneth Lundahl.  (9/21/2014)
Carl Leave.  (12/26/2013)

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