Tuesday, November 1, 2016

GOP residents of Minnesota's 6th Congressional district take a Trump road trip to Eau Claire

They elected Michele Bachmann to Congress.  Twice.

Source:  CNN

Donald Trump urges voters to recast their ballots for him.  (Madison.com, 11/1/2016)
In other words, big waste of time for Trump.  The crowd of about 3,000 attendees, many of them from Minnesota, which hasn't had a visit from either major presidential candidate, raucously chee:red "President Trump" at the end of the speech.
 Other speakers included
  • Scott Walker (...appeared briefly on stage after introducing the nominee.)
  • Ron Johnson
  • Rudy Guiliani
  • Bobby Knight
  • Sean Duffy
  • Reince Preibus
White guys, every one.

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