Monday, September 28, 2015

Meet 'the crazies' in the U.S. House of Representatives: Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL)

“I think it signals the crazies have taken over the party, taken over to the party that you can remove a speaker of the House who’s second in line to be president, a constitutional officer in the middle of his term with no allegations of impropriety, a person who’s honest and doing his job."
Rep. Peter King (R-NY)

He voted for Boehner, most reluctantly, in January 2015.

Brooks: My vote for Boehner was a vote against chaos. (Yellowhammer, 1/6/2015)
Despite serious reservations, today I voted for John Boehner for House Speaker because there was no better option before me. I would have loved the opportunity to elect a principled Speaker who shares Alabama’s conservative values. Unfortunately, that was not a viable option because we lack the votes to elect such a Speaker.

Questions for Mo:
  1. Is chaos now a viable option?
  2. Who among your House colleagues shares your Alabama conservative values?

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