Thursday, October 1, 2015

It seems as though nothing will wake us up from our long slumber (part 1)

Toxic Algae Outbreak Overwhelms a Polluted Ohio River.  (The New York Times, 9/30/2015)
The only other recorded toxic algae bloom, in 2008, covered perhaps 40 miles of the river. In contrast, the latest bloom stretches 636 miles from Wheeling, W.Va., to Cannelton, Ind., and traces of algae have appeared as far west as Illinois. 
The poisonous alga, called microcystis, increasingly plagues polluted waters across the country. The Ohio River blooms arrived as another persistent algae outbreak, in western Lake Erie, grew in recent weeks to near-record proportions.

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Toledo residents are advised not to drink the water.  (8/3/2014)

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