Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Outagamie County Residents Will Be Better Served With a More Proactive Approach

As of now, there appears to be nothing on the docket.

Outagamie Co. emergency management director says she couldn't have sounded sirens. (Green Bay Press Gazette, 8/19/2013)

Excerpt:   [County Executive Tom] Nelson, meanwhile, said today at a news conference he will convene an independent panel to review the county’s reaction to the storms.

County Executive Parisi Creates New Dane County Climate Change Action Council.  (Dane County news release, 3/13/2013)

Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty on Warming. (The New York Times, 8/19/2013)

Excerpt: The report emphasizes that the basic facts about future climate change are more established than ever, justifying the rise in global concern. It also reiterates that the consequences of escalating emissions are likely to be profound.

Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) Authors and Review Editors


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