Wednesday, February 2, 2011

System Public Library Directors Back Manitowoc Public Library Reorganization Plan

Letter: Library plan a benefit. (Herald-Times-Reporter, 2/2/2011)

Excerpt:    The MPL [Manitowoc Public Library] serves as the resource library for the MCLS [Manitowoc Calumet Library System], which pays MPL an annual fee (currently at $25,000) for providing professional services to member libraries. Prior to 2007, MPL's management team consisted of degreed librarians who were trained to distill information and offer the public the best resources.

Due to the departure of most of the professional staff in less than two years, MPL and then MCLS were left without these highly skilled librarians. MCLS member libraries in Brillion, Chilton, Kiel, New Holstein and Two Rivers no longer had experts at MPL to call upon. Library operations system-wide were severely impaired by the lack of access to professional librarians.

MPL's current commitment to highly qualified professionals with degrees will benefit all MCLS libraries and not just MPL. As MCLS libraries that utilize MPL as our resource library, we are grateful to the MPL Board of Trustees and Director Cherilyn Stewart for their commitment to restore quality educated and trained people to their staff

The letter was signed by the directors of the Brillion, Chilton, Kiel, and Two Rivers public libraries.

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