Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wisconsin Library Association's 2011 Library Legislative Day Prep Guide: Step by Step (Part 1)

Step 1:  Register for the February 22nd event.   (If you haven't already done so.)

Just a reminder that we're meeting at the Madison Concourse Hotel this year.

Step 2:  Use the “Common Agenda” template grid to gather background information about your legislators.  With 8 new senators (6 Republicans and 2 Democrats) and 30 new assembly representatives (25 Republicans and 5 Democrats), many of you will be meeting with new legislators this year.

(Not sure who represents you?)

Here's what mine looks like.
Background on "Building a Common Agenda"

Particularly with freshman legislators, you may not be able to fill in all of the blanks.  This activity will be helpful in providing you with some general conversation starters.

My sources:
LINK to Wisconsin State Senators' home pages

Link to Wisconsin Assembly Legislators'  homepages

There's  no link for Rep. Hulsey under the "Newspages" column, so I searched his campaign website.
Link to Brett Hulsey's campaign website.

For more detail, check the biographical section of the Wisconsin Blue Book.  (Not helpful, of course, for the current crop of freshman legislators.)

Step 3:   Find out about your legislators' office:  room number and names of staff.  The Legislature will be in session on February 22, so some of you will meet with legislators' staff members.   Relationship building with staff members is just as important as relationship building with the legislators themselves.


Find names of Assembly Reps' staff members here.

To be continued.

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