Friday, December 24, 2010

Staffing Changes in the Works at the Manitowoc Public Library

Link to December 24 Herald-Times-Reporter article, "Library staffing changes likely come with layoffs".

Excerpt: A reorganization of the Manitowoc Public Library's staffing likely will result in several layoffs of part-time personnel without college degrees during the first week of January.

New hires with appropriate academic backgrounds and skills will be hired to better serve patrons' needs, said David Gratz, president of the library's board of trustees.

"The present reorganization includes adding part-time positions to increase services to youth and to add technology training for the staff and for the public," Gratz said after Monday's trustees meeting endorsed a reorganization of the library's employment structure.

Gratz said a part-time librarian specializing in children's literature and services will also be hired, helping to address a shortage of professional librarians raised as a concern by Library Director Cherilyn Stewart.

Members of Local 731 of the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, have not endorsed the changes

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Anonymous said...

What a terrible decision. Without budget cuts, no one with years of experience should have their job stripped from them after they have given years of great service. Stewart should stop discriminating and open her 'well educated' yet blind eyes to see she's not making friends, and she sure isn't doing anyone service.