Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Celebrates Its Grand Opening

New library honors the chapters of Vonnegut's life. (Indianapolis Star, 1/29/2011)

Excerpt: Moore and dozens of other visitors explored the library, which contains many of Vonnegut's personal items, including the Purple Heart he received during World War II, his writing desk and typewriter, reading glasses, books and even a pack of Pall Mall cigarettes.

The walls are covered with photos of the author, biographical information and famous quotes. One wall offers a timeline of Vonnegut's professional and personal lives, along with another timeline showing events that were happening around the world during that same period. His novels also are available for purchase

How are Vonnegut's books selling nowadays?

This Baby Boomer read the first 8 titles on the above list.   Owning well-worn paperback copies of Vonnegut's books was de rigueur when I was in college.

In LINKcat, of the 20 copies of Cat's Cradle, 9 are checked out, 2 are on the hold shelf, and 1 is Lost.

Of the 21 copies of Hocus Pocus, 1 is checked out, 2 are Lost, and 1 is marked 'Trace'.

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