Monday, August 19, 2019

Mixed-use development proposed for Greenway Center in Middleton WI

3 views of the site from John Q. Hammons Drive

Photos by Retiring Guy

Options include:

  1. 75,000 square foot (3-story) office building with surface parking lot 
  2. 100,000 square foot (4-story) office building AND 36-unit (3-story) multi-family building with 2 level parking structure 
  3. 100,000 square foot (4-story) office building AND 48-unit (4-story) multi-family building with 2 level parking structure.

One year after the storm in Middleton: This is the new normal (Stricker's Park as an extension of Stricker's Pond)

Photos by Retiring Guy

City of Middleton flood recovery

7/11/2019 update starts here.

Regular view
Photos by Retiring Guy

Panoramic view

4/12/2019 update, "Is this the new normal (Stricker's Park as an extension of Stricker's Pond)", starts here.

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

9/14/2018 update, "Two weeks after the storm in Middleton:  Stricker's Park remains an extension of Stricker's Pond", starts here.

No soccer
Photos by Retiring Guy
 No tennis.
 No way to get to that path at center-left without slogging through water.

You can probably practice your free throw.

The arrows on the map indicate the locations of the photos taken pubished on 8/24.

It's not unusual for the area in the foreground to flood after a rainfall of more than an inch.  Monday's rainfull of nearly 12 inches turned Stricker's Park into a lake.  (Photo taken at red arrow on map below.)

Photos by Retiring Guy

Another view.  (Yellow arrow)

Duck soccer.  (Green arrow)

Now it looks as though they're off to the courts. (Blue arrow)

After the storm in Middleton (and Madison) posts:
August 2018
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Powerwashing between the Beltline and Parmenter Street.  (8/22/2018)
Along Pheasant Branch Creek east of Parmenter Street.  (8/23/2018)
Costco and environs.  (8/23/2018 update)
Entrance to Esser Place parking lot, then and now.  (8/24/2018)
Longmeadow Drive and Stricker's Pond, then and now.  (8/24/2018)
Greenway Station is open for business.  (8/24/2018 update)
Views of Pheasant Branch Creek from Parmenter Street bridge.  (8/25/2018 update)
Intersection of U.S. highway 14 and Deming Way.  (8/27/2018 update)
Century Avenue and entrances to Pheasant Branch Conservancy trails.  (8/27/2018)
UW Health administration office building.  (8/27/2018)
Longmeadow Gulch.  (8/28/2018)

September 1-15, 2018
Stricker's Park.  (9/4/2018 update)
Flooding in East Washington/East Mifflin area of Madison.  (9/7/2018)
The dual dead ends of Middleton Street.  (9/10/2018 update)
Stricker's Pond footpath.  (9/11/2018 update)
Confluence Pond expands to become Confluence Lake (and back again).  (9/12/2018 update)
Stricker's Pond.  (9/12/2018 update)
Pheasant Branch Creek algae bloom.  (9/15/2018)
Tiedeman Pond access at Pond View Road.  (9/15/2018 update)

September 16-30, 2018
Pheasant Branch Trail at Park Street (part 1).  (9/17/2018 update)
Pheasant Branch Conservancy trail and bridge.  (9/17/2018)
Pheasant Branch Conservancy just north of Century and Branch.  (9/17/2018)
Voss Parkway.  (9/18/2018 update)
Tiedeman Pond pumping.  (9/19/2018 update)
Boardwalk access ramp to Tiedeman Pond.  (9/19/2018 update)
Woodside Heights Park.  (9/21/2018 update)
Moving into the 6th week after the storm in Middleton (The Tiedeman Pond doubleheader edition).  (9/24/2018)
Moving into the 6th week after the storm in Middleton (The Stricker's Pond doubleheader edition).  (9/24/2018)
Moving into the 6th week after the storm in Middleton and Madison: Stricker's Pond discharge helps to lower water level.  (9/28/2018)

October 1-15, 2018
Seven weeks after the storm in Middleton (The Park Street/Tiedeman Pond edition).  (10/10/2018)
Seven weeks after the storm (The Woodside Heights Park/Tiedeman Pond edition).  (10/10/2018)
Seven weeks after the storm in Middleton and Madison (The Stricker's Pond edition).  (10/10/2018)

October 16-31, 2018
Two months after the storm in Middleton (Woodside Heights Park/Tiedeman Pond edition).  (10/18/2018)
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Two months after the storm in Middleton: Woodside Heights Park access to Tiedeman Pond trail.  (10/22/2018)
10 weeks after the storm in Middleton (Pond View Road/Tiedeman Pond edition).  (10/31/2018)

November 2018
Ten weeks after the storm in Middleton: More of the Tiedeman Pond boardwalk reappears.  (11/1/2018)
Ten weeks after the storm in Middleton: Access path from Woodside Heights Park to South Avenue now fully open.  (11/4/2018)
Nearly 3 months after the storm in Middleton: Park Street/Tiedeman Pond edition.  (11/11/2018)
Nearly three months after the storm in Middleton: Woodside Heights Park access to Tiedeman Pond trail.  (11/13/2018)
Three months later, the Pheasant Branch Corridor trail has reopened (Parmenter to Park edition).  (11/20/2018)
Three months later, the Pheasant Branch Corridor trail has reopened (Park to Century edition).  (11/26/2018)

December 2018
Nearly 4 months after the storm in Middleton, washout damage to Voss Parkway repaired.  (12/7/2018)

March 2019
The following spring after the storm in Middleton: Rapid snow melt floods the path again.  (3/15/2019)
The following spring after the storm in Middleton (Stricker's Pond edition).  (3/15/2019)
The following spring after the storm in Middleton (Voss Parkway storm sewer edition).  (3/15/2019)

April 2019
Approaching 8 months after the storm in Middleton: Is this the new normal? (Tiedeman Pond   (4/11/2019)
Approaching 8 months after the storm in Middleton: Is this the new normal? (Woodside Heights Park edition).  (4/11/2019)
Approaching 8 months after the storm in Middleton: Once again, the Stricker's Pond walking path is accessible, back to normal.  (4/12/2019)
8 months after the storm in Middleton: Water tiedemanlevel drops at Tiedeman Pond (Accessiible ramp edition).  (4/26/2019)
8 months after the storm in Middleton: A platform bench has become unmoored (Tiedeman Pond benchmark edition).  (4/26/2019)
The "lectern" is gone 8 months after the storm in Middleton (Park Street/Tiedeman Pond edition).  (4/26/2019)

May 2019
Tiedeman Pond boardwalk: The flooding last August and the continuing damage done.  (5/14/2019)
9 months after the storm in Middleton WI the Tiedeman Pond boardwalk is accessible.  (5/22/2019)

Another South Avenue teardown in Middleton WI: Third August construction site visit

Photos by Retiring Guy

8/8/2019 update starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

And in the back yard....

8/2/2019 update starts here.

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

Original 5/31/2019 post starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

What was torn down
Google Street View

Coming soon to Middleton?
The Teardown Wars Are Tearing Boston’s Suburbs Apart.  (Boston Magazine, 10/11/2018)
Inside the knock-down, drag-out brawl for the soul of New England’s neighborhoods.

 Other Middleton teardowns:  
7022 North Avenue.  ((5/31/2019)
South and Middleton. (5/16/2019)
Park Street.  (10/18/2018)
Maywood Avenue.  (9/16/2016)

Payton Pagel does not have a sense of humor

Photo credit:  Facebook

Reported in Teen charged with hate crimes in connection to racist graffiti on Shawano schools. (Green Bay Press Gazette, 8/19/2019)

"Payton" as a baby name is losing altitude, too.

GET ME REWRITE: Republicans love these immigrants. They're filthy rich!

41 men, 2 women

And the list includes a significant number of non-Europeans.  Hmm.

CES 2019: Airthings Wave Mini

The Wave Mini makes sure the air you’re breathing inside your home is safe.  (Digital Trends, 8/2/2019)
The product was originally introduced at CES 2019. The Wave Mini sits inside the home and offers real-time analysis of the air quality by analyzing three major components that affect it: Temperature, humidity, and the total volatile organic compounds, or TVOCs. The Wave Mini presents this information visually, allowing users to see how their air quality changes over time. Knowing how and when the air quality changes makes it easier for people to take better control of what they breathe.

Priced to move at $79.  But ask yourself:  How long have you lived without such a device?

Other 2019 CES posts:
December 2018
AVidea Group Safe Zone Gunfire Detector.  (12/5/2018)
FADES auto-darkening eyewear.  (12/7/2018)
Estelle Costanza does not approve of this car porn. (12/12/2018)
Smart smoke detectors.  (12/15/2018)
LG CineBeam Laser 4K projector.  (12/22/2018)
Poopy diaper alarm for harried parents.  (12/25/2018)
Twice breathlessly promotes the "Clash of the Robovacs".  (12/28/2018)
Don't worry, you won't have to throw away your stupid shoes.  (12/31/2018)

January 2019
Samsung is building The Wall.  (1/6/2019)
Hypnbos smart sleep mask.  (1/8/2019)
Hyundai creates a car with body parts.  (1/9/2019)
Why brush? Because they'll soon be Y-Brush!  (1/13/2019)
Auto Sense wireless charger car mount.  (1`/13/2019)
EyeForcer improves posture without nagging parents. (1/14/2019)
Quell your pain.  (1/17/2019)
Muse 2.  (1/17/2019)
Augment your view of the world with Focals by North.  (1/18/2019)
Opte Intelligent Beauty Wand.  (1/20/2019)
Bell Nexus autonomous flying taxi.  (1/21/2019)
Sit tight, she'll be back in a month with a followup report.  (1/22/2019)
Swidget will help you with device overload -- and keep your home much warmer than it needs to be.  (1/27/2019)
Iris-scanning rearview mirror gets into your head.  (1/31/2019) 

February 2019
Sphero Specdrums music ring.  (2/19/2019)
Somnox robot pillow.  (2/27/2019)
Louis Vuitton wireless earbuds.  (2/28/2019)

March 2019
VOLO Go cordless infrared hair dryer.  (3/1/2019)

May 2019
GET ME REWRITE: Consumer Technology Association executive board gets over its squeamishness of award-winning sex toy.  (5/9/2019)

July 2019
Now I lay me down to sleep, with my pink noise headband.  (7/8/2019)
Multi-sensory device.  (7/21/2019)

Glenn Grothman: Government welfare for me but not for thee (the updated edition)

Reported in Rep. Glenn Grothman opposes all welfare benefits for immigrants.  (, 8/16/2019)

Which begs the question:  Is Grothman the best that Wisconsin's 6th congressional district has to offer?

Related reading:
Ethnic groups in Wisconsin:  Historical Background.  (Max Cade Institute for German-American Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Original 12/27/2017 post starts here.

Welfare Reform Still a Priority for Grothman.  (KFIZ, 12/27/2017)

The list of inanities is endless, or so it seems.
"We're all minorities in America".  (7/22/2019)
How hard up do you have to be to ask Glenn Grothman to be your commencement speaker? (5/22/2019)
Glenn Grothman falls on his knees after Trump State of the Union bloviating.  (2/7/2019)
Trump fanboy Glenn Grothman pimps for Mexico border wall.  (1/25/2019)
Meet the 7 House critters who voted against back pay for federal workers.  (1/13/2019)
Glenn Grothman starts the 116th Congress where he left off in the 115th: Enhancing his clown bona fides.  (1/5/2019)
Back in the news with more inanities.  (1/4/2019)

July-Dec 2018
Glenn Grothman, dedicated follower of political fashion, fills us in.  (11/10/2018)
"Good guy' Greg Gianforte sends Glenn Grothman a check.  (11/2/2018)
When you know you're at the bottom of the GOP food chain: Eric Trump headlines Glenn Grothman rally.  (10/31/2018)
Stamp to a letter, birds of a feather clown show: Gushing over Greg Gianforte, both Donald Trump and Glenn Grothman say "that's my kind of guy".  (10/19/2018)
As the election approaches, Glenn Grothman's babbling intensifies.  (10/6/2018)
Dear voters of Wisconsin's 6th congressional district, this gibberish should convince you this clown should be kicked out of office.  (9/27/2018)
Get me rewrite. More than just tweets: Everything about Trump encourages Democrats and independents to sweep gomers like Glenn Grothman out of office.  (8/9/2018)
Dear Glenn Grothman, Repeat after me: YALTA.  (7/23/2018)
Dear Glenn Grothman, Does this mean you don't support Donald Trump's military parade?  (7/19/2018)

Jan-Jun 2018
Could we please, please, get rid of this clown?  (6/21/2018)
Glenn Grothman in so many words:  The ruination of America is people with darker skin tones.  (1/27/2018)
Glenn Grothman shares etiquette advice on KFIZ.  (1/19/2018)
Memo to Glenn Grothman: Next time you see Donald Trump, give him a great big kiss, mwah!  (1/18/2018)
UPDATE: The demented clown, otherwise known as Glenn Grothman, returns to the topic of Al Sharpton at MLK event.  (1/18/2018)
Newspaper editorial calls out Glenn Grothman for his (a) mispresentation or (b) lie.  (1/11/2018) 
Glenn Grothman cries on the shoulder of his favorite KFIZ deejay. (1/9/2018)

Jul-Dec 2017
Our resident clown Glenn Grothman tells just half of the story.  (12/24/2017)
Like Vermin Supreme, Glenn Grothman believes that there should be free ponies for all Americans.  (12/15/2017)
A letter sent without fear of retribution.  (12/3/2017)
The insightful Glenn Grothman was talking to a gal.  (11/22/2017)
Dear Dan Kohl, If you substitute 'clownish' for 'partisan', the arrow moves hard right.  (11/9/2017)
The malevolent conservatism and clownish inhumanity of Glenn Grothman.  (10/25/2017)
Glenn Grothman sets a ridiculously low bar regarding hurricane aid to Puerto Rico.  (10/24/2017)
Glenn Grothman demands that a border wall be built.  (8/31/2017)
Here's something on which Glenn Grothman and I agree.  (8/10/2017)
Glenn Grothman wants us all to die.  Or not to fly.  (7/20/2017)
Short-term memory loss and The Glenn Grothman 24/7 Clown Show.  (7/15/2017) 
Steady drip-drip-drip inside Glenn Grothman's head vs. steady drip-drip-drip of evidence Russian collusion.  (7/13/2017)

Apr-Jun 2017
Glenn Grothman gives a big thumbs up to Pennsylvania's congressional districts.  (6/22/2017)
Glenn Grothman on the Paris Accord:  The blithering goes on.  (6/7/2017)
Dear Glenn Grothman, Not that anyone is listening to you.  (6/5/2017)
Oh, yeah, I just bet he does.   (6/1/2017)
It's bromance time for Glenn Grothman, sez Greg Gianforte seems like a good guy.  (5/26/2017)
At Glenn Grothman's groan-inducing town hall.  (5/2/2017)
51 U.S. House members implore Trump to legalize LGBT discrimination.  (4/27/2017)
At KFIZ, everybody loves a clown.  (4/17/2017)
Wishful thinking: Glenn Grothman does a little Mick Jagger at the podium during Sheboygan listening session.  (4/11/2017).

Jan-Mar 2017
What DO they think of Glenn Grothman on Capitol Hill?  (1/31/2017)
Not a Muslim ban, Glenn Grothman? The numbers indicate otherwise.  (1/31/2017)
On the other hand, some might say we do need Congressmen, but we can not have the wrong Congressmen.  (1/2/2017)

The conservative values of Glenn Grothman, straight shooter and exemplary public servant.  (10/30/20176
GOP donor and Neenah realtor pens letter to editor, praises Glenn Grothman.  (10/28/2016)
Well, Glenn Grothman, looks as though Donald Trump and Paul Ryan won't accompany Mr. Gumpy on his outing.  (10/20/2016)
Meet the 3 Stooges who introduced Donald Trump at yesterday's rally in Green Bay.  (10/18/2016)
Likely to be other reasons why Trump and Glenn Grothman's relationship might be "less than perfect".  (10/13/2016)
Glenn Grothman raises GOP specter of black bogeyman Al Sharpton.  (7/14/2016)
Recommended reading from Glenn Grothman.  (3/3/2016)
Once again, Grothman does the blah blah blah.  (1/13/2016)

Tea Party alert: Glenn Grothman supports increase in federal gas tax.  (12/29/2015)
Glenn Grothman's moving service.  (11/16/2015)
Glenn Grothman: Still trying to get to 'yes' with Paul Ryan.  (10/18/2015) 
Dear Glenn Grothman, Breaking up is hard to do.  (10/17/2015) 
He's a guy, and has access to 'all machines that one would need'.  (9/29/2015) 
Meet the Members of the Republican Study Committee: Glenn Grothman (R-WI, 6th District).  (8/18/2015)
What about seeing the light, Representative Grothman?  (8/11/2015)
Glenn Grothman's gibberish in full flower.  (7/1/2015)
Rep. Glenn Grothman puts corporate personhood first.  (6/23/2015)
Glenn Grothman Finds His Voice in Washington, D.C. (6/19/2015)
Glenn Grothman goes seriously bland on us.  (5/12/2015)
Glenn Grothman's lips are zipped.  (4/9/2015)
Glenn Grothman Speaks the Language of the Godfather of states' rights.  (1/13/2015)

Glenn Grothman, Quiet Man.  (10/12/2014)
Tom Petri returns the favor to Glenn Grothman.  (9/5/2014)
Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District primary: Less than 12% of voters paid attention.  (8/24/2014)
Hey guys and gals, Scott Walker is not 100% convinced that Glenn Grothman can win the 6th CD. (8/23/2014)
Career politician Glenn Grothman moves one step closer to Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District general election.  (8/22/2014)
To the tune of $692,000.   (8/14/2014)
Glenn Grothman:  A man without a mandate.  (8/14/2014)
Glenn Grothman to Tom Petri: Thank you for your 35 years of service.  (8/1/2014)
Duey Stroebel can't be bothered with fundraising, looks to buy seat instead.  (8/1/2014)
Clearly, "common-sense bills" and "Grothman" should never be used in the same sentence.(7/9/2014)
Two career politicians pledge limited service in the U.S. House of Representatives.  (7/8/2014)

Doormats for Trump: Log Cabin Republicans put on the blinders to make this endorsement


OpinionsTrump met his commitments to LGBTQ Americans. He has our endorsement.  (Washington Post, 8/16/2019)


All of Trump’s anti-LGBT actions since last Pride (plus a few welcome moves).  (Washington Blade, 6/6/2019)

West Towne Mall Boston Store UPDATE. While management wonders what to do with 140,000 square feet of empty space, they invite young white women to hang out

7/9/2019 update, "No weeds at outside entrance to now shuttered West Towne Mall Boston Store", starts here.

As opposed to the facade of the nearby shuttered Shopko.

5/1/2019 update, " Gone, covered up (Canstruction edition)", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Canstruction Madison.

9/11/2018 update, "Going.....going.....gone!  (But last I checked, the lights are still on)", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Retailer Von Maur evaluating soon-to-be-vacant Bon-Ton store sites.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/23/2018)

Maybe the lights will stay on?  

Sorry, Madison.  The article's focus is on the metro Milwaukee market.

7/31/2018 update, "Going.....going....."

Surprised to find the sale is still in its ":final weeks".

Photos by Retiring Guy

 Second floor home goods section is pretty much cleaned out.

The tall, rectangular sign can be yours for $75.  Make a counteroffer.

Nothing from the West Towne newsroom about the future of this space.

A fair number of shoppers browsing the aisles on a Monday afternoon.

6/14/2018 update, "Boston Store scrubbed from West Towne directory but signs still scream GOING OUT OF BUSINESS", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Need temporary, short-term employment?

5/16/2018 update, "The final, nothing-held-back, everything-must-go days of the Boston Store", starts here.

Looking across an expansive and mostly empty parking
Photos by Retiring Guy

There are lots of reasons Bon-Ton failed. One of the biggest: It wasn't best at anything.  (York PA Daily Record, 4/20/2018)

The 'going-out-of-business' banner was up on my last visit.

Those signs have a familiar look to them.

More merchandise than I've ever seen in stock at the West Towne store.

4/7/2018 update, "The Bon Ton Stores Inc. announcement creates confusion among headline writers", starts here.

 Headline sources:

4/6/2018 update, "Empty storefronts on either side of West Towne Mall Boston Store interior entrance", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Bon-Ton warns of mass layoff if company is not sold.  Company plans to conduct bankruptcy auction on April 9.  (Milwaukee Business News, 4/6/2018)
The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. on Friday filed a notice with the state Department of Workforce Development that 2,255 Wisconsin employees could potentially lose their jobs if the struggling retail company does not find a buyer at an auction next week. 
Those employees work at the company’s corporate office in downtown Milwaukee and at stores in Brookfield, Eau Claire, Glendale, Greendale, Janesville, Madison, Marshfield, Milwaukee, Racine and Wauwatosa, according to the notice.

The announcement of the closing of all Teavana stores -- West Towne Mall's store was located at the right -- was made last August.

Original 2/14/2018 post, "What does a Bon Ton bankruptcy filing mean for this West Towne Mall anchor?", starts here.

West parking lot entrance to store

Struggling Bon-Ton Stores Inc. files for bankruptcy protection.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/5/2018)
In addition to Boston Store and Younkers, Bon-Ton operates under the brand names Bergner's, Bon-Ton, Carson's, Elder-Beerman and Herberger's. 
Bon-Ton has not been profitable since 2010, and is headed for a loss for fiscal 2017 as well. Online merchants such as Amazon and others have cut into business, and fewer consumers are going to shopping malls. 


Stores operated by Bon-Ton are anchor tenants in many shopping centers, including about two dozen in Wisconsin. In metro Milwaukee, Bon-Ton has Boston Store locations at Mayfair in Wauwatosa, Brookfield Square, Southridge in Greendale and Grand Avenue in Milwaukee.

Center court mall entrance
Photos and video by Retiring Guy

Bottom line:  No clear answer right now.