Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Donald Trump's big disconnect

Trump's global trade war expected to inflict economic causalities in Wisconsin and across nation.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/10/2018)

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Donald Trump’s Ventures Began With a Lot of Hype. Here’s How They Turned Out. (The Nes York Times,10/6/2016)
Of the roughly 60 endeavors started or promoted by Mr. Trump during the period analyzed, The Times found few that went off without a hitch. One-third of them never got off the ground or soon petered out. Another third delivered a measure of what was promised — buildings were built, courses taught, a product introduced — but they also encountered substantial problems, like lawsuits, government investigations, partnership woes or market downturns. 
The remaining third, while sometimes encountering strife, generally met expectations — notably the television show “The Apprentice” and the purchases of numerous golf courses, including properties near Philadelphia and in the Hudson Valley.

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