Saturday, November 16, 2019

Both sides now: When evenhandedness is simply bad journalism (Christian Science Monitor edition)

Dear Peter,

You don't help your case when the first member of Congress you quote is Mark Meadows.


Retiring Guy

Reported in Impeachment hearings day one: Two perspectives transcriptions.  (Christian Science Monitor, 11/13/2019)

Freedom Caucus Crazy Mark Meadows sometimes cherry-picks his  "impression of what truth is" .

Regarding gun control, Mark Meadows' "impression of what the truth is" comes straight from the NRA.

When it comes to diversity, Mark and his mostly white and male GOP colleauges' "impression of what the truth is" looks to be from a different era.

Mark and his GOP pals

When it comes to same-sex marriage, Mark's "impression of what the truth is" favors discrimination.

When it comes climate change, Mark's "impression of what the truth is" shows off his unregenerate denier credentials.

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