Monday, November 11, 2019

Warming up for CES 2020 with SmartyPans

SmartyPans Named CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree at CES Unveiled New York,  (Globe News Wire, 11/8/2019)
SmartyPans is the first product from Silicon Valley-based SmartyPans Inc. that uses advanced sensors and AI for ‘smart cooking’. With SmartyPans, user can record their recipes, get customized step-by-step cooking instructions and track nutrition of meals they cook, all in real time. 
“Our vision is to automate nutrition tracking of home-cooked meals while letting people enjoy the cooking process,” says Prachi Baxi, co-founder of SmartyPans. “It shouldn’t be a choice between nutrition tracking or enjoying home cooking as a hobby. Most people cherish their family recipes. In addition to nutrition tracking, SmartyPans allows them to automatically save these recipes on the app with accurate weight, temperature and cook time. Users can thus create their own recipes, or get step-by-step cooking instruction for any recipe as they experience and learn the benefits and pleasures of cooking at home.”
Priced to expand kitchen inequity at $229!!

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